Murkwood is the band I play in. We recently started gigging, and our fucking facebook fanbase is starting to grow, so I figured it's time I posted up some shit about us...
This is kind of our vibe... call me a complete knob, but I have no idea how to describe our sound. It's like a thousand angry mimes falling down a mineshaft filled with candy-floss. With a light sprinkling of Latino porn on mute. C'mon, just out of the corner of your eye... Is that willow weeping?

The freak falling all over himself below is Austen. He's basically insane, but he writes a lot of our shit so we can't admit him.

Loud guy below is our vocalist Ben. He's a vocalist in every sense of the word. Luckily he can sing too... :P
Heavy concentration below by Levi, troubled beat boy genius..
And below we have Stef. Stef got bust with pot recently and has to attend Narc Anon meetings. Ha ha. Sorry Stef. Synth king!
And the guy who forgot to shave is me. Look how vainy my arm is.
(Photos courtesy of Sibs La Mere. Shot bruv. )

We're playing a few gigs in the near future. Come decide for yourself how we sound...

Black Dahlia, Boksburg this Sat, 23rd Oct.

The Tanz Cafe Jam Showcase Launch Show on the 3rd Nov.

And Woofstock on the 6th Nov.

Or just listen to the demo-type-thing on our fucking facebook page.