Abstract ink - exploded view

Abstract ink - landscape

The first spread...

Delving into the abstract

After ejecting this strange, hell-like abstract from my system last night (using the Wacom in painter), I decided to spend a few weeks seeing how much further I can take this style...

So I've started a new moleskine dedicated to abstract ink drawings, focusing on clean, intent lines. Here's to progress...


What you might find on a billboard in Shoreditch

This is a billboard on Old Street, taken in early March 2007, just up the road from an alley I used to live in called French Place. Oh, the nostalgia.

Today I started a figure drawing class

3 minute sketches

half hour sketches

Next week we doing long poses - so we'll see...


Dance moves to fire people by

How to make a nasty drawing bearable

Ladies and gentlemen, Monsieur Gaussian Blur... (and not to forget Lord Gradient Overlay.)

Added by request, the original:

So fuckin high school...



Ze Germans...

Ha ha. Just noticed that some German bundesliga site is using my soccer icons for their splashpage.


Would've been cool if they'd used the porno version...


It's shit like this...

... that personally makes me wanna hurl, yes, but specifically this a true reflection of the bullshit of rigid belief systems. Only a person of staunch religious conviction (aka Jesus freak) could put this much faith in the power of spamming. To me, this is blasphemy infinitely worse than "God is an arsehole" or "Jesus swallowed for new moccasins." Whoever made this is not going to hell. They're in hell. Sad fuck! Oh well.


Father fetish... toad-whipped

Uh, fyi the toad (and the father for that matter) was done without any reference... At least it adds to the whole WTF vibe.


Crudely chiseled metal & perspex...

In a collaborative attempt with two of my friends Laura and Leza at Elemental Studios in Linden today, this cityscape thing was born. Using layers of brass, copper, aluminium and perspex, drilled and bolted together, a world, however arb, was created.

This is a scan, framed within a CDs jewel case, I guess to give the idea of size, but probably more to keep it from scratching the scanner.