Crudely chiseled album art

A few months ago I was approached by a South African band, called New Academics, to do the cover art for their new album, called "The Apple". The album has just been independently released, and it sounds as golden as it looks. (Literally - I used a 875c...)

Rockstars can make great clients.


Wise words from simple people... No.2

Another excerpt from the Tao te Ching, eloquently brought to you by some guy called Buddy. I dunno, he looks like a Buddy. Or a Kenny. Either way, he's a walking faux pas.



A religion that makes sense?

Can it be? It seems. The World Pantheism Movement is one of the most rational yet spiritually inviting concepts I've ever come across. They'll explain it better than I can.

Scripture is so last millennium...

Meeting Mr. Nice

I went to the Howard Marks book signing in Hyde Park last night. He seemed really nice... although he could be a doctor, if you know what I mean.

To a fellow stoner
Keep on smoking
Don't exhale
(signed) Howard Marks

Oh yeah - and off to see his show tonight...


Wise words from simple people... No.1

The Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu has to be one of the most profound yet simple books ever written. The most poetic translation I've come across is by a guy called Steven Mitchell.
This is an excerpt read by Tiffany, a telemarketer from Essex...


Jesus loves me...

I recently came to realise that despite my lack of religious conviction, I have a very healthy relationship with Jesus - probably healthier than most church-goers. Why? Because I allow Jesus to be. I don't ask what Jesus can do for me. I ask what I can do for Jesus. I can give him a 2 foot, uncircumcised erection and an evil grin, scaring away his persecutors while nailed to the cross. I allow him to dance naked, stoned, drunk and laughing at life. I cheer him to throw bricks through windows. I allow him to experience the beauty of existence, and Jesus loves me for that.


Say 'Aaaahhhh shit.'

A big job go bye-bye.


Rejects of the character development world

Their arms are like that cos they were gonna be juggling...
I like the bottom three.