A pixel character for a pixel layout

Sorry eboy, your genius has gone all the way to South African internal corporate communications. Don't get me wrong, this is all original... just 'inspired by'.


Crudely chiseled thought...

What gets me about a lot of peoples’ idea of ‘God’ is the constant sense of separation. Especially when they refer to ‘him’ - why would anyone prefer to think of god as a separate entity to themselves (let alone a man - in fact, I’d hate to think of how many minds all over the so-called civilised world right now have ‘God’ and ‘Santa’ sharing the same profile picture)? It’s not difficult to realise, just by simple awareness, that you are not keeping yourself alive. In fact, you’ll find you have relatively VERY LITTE CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN EXISTENCE (Sorry, but it had to be stressed). The intelligence that governs you, and all of nature and the universe simultaneously, in this way, could very easily be described as ‘God’. What’s more important than labeling it though, is realising how inseparable you are from it. If anything, you are ‘God’... and Christ there’s nothing more annoying than people who refer to themselves in the third person.


Vector character icons for a job

I created these guys for an internal campaign of a major South African bank...

I made them so that they can be re-used in different positions and interactions, as to keep them looking fresh...

Then, as typical of a healthy human male, I turned them into a bad porn scene.

I love my job.


Smoke monkey smoke! Vectorised

This will soon become a t-shirt I can wear in bars to make me feel more comfortable as a non-smoker.