The Ghost of Loneliness

"God damn you unreachable back-itch."



Dance moves to fire people by

This one's for the opposite of dog ;) Hopefully there will be more in time...

Happy weekend!


Hazy daisy

Bright but lazy...



They're microbes, possibly built by other microbes.
This is Robby...



and Steve...

You'll probably never see them again.


Farting junkrobe*

*A fictional entity with flatulence.



Ok so I figure it's as good a time as any to try to formally propose some kind of scheme for progressive change in my life. Or at least in my blog. I'm not really the 'list' type. My life is chaos. Things get done, but lists rarely enter the equation. None-the-less, I will sit here and squeeeze until a log of at least a few significant new commitmontes dribbles its entrails down this page...

1. I will try to inject a little more personality into Crudely. At the moment he's a bit of a mute mutt. I'm looking at taking him to more of a quirky, charming, but still quite cynical mutt.

2. I will try to ridicule religion in only the most sophisticated manner. I'll try to leave the cheap ones for the church. I'm not really sure if I have the balls to ridicule islam at all (I hope that lowercase 'i' doesn't get me a jihad on my ass). As for judaism - beyond me entirely, though apparently I'm one sixteeth jew...

3. I will try to play a more active part in the blogging community. I'm not certain what that entails, maybe just surfing more. I guess I can handle that.

4. I will do my best to set up a system of more appropriate labelling. That shit is a mess.

5. I will figure out what the hell's wrong with my Twitter gadget this time. I'll also try to to twitter more. Why? Well Stephen Fry just started following me. Could just be my big break.

6. I will try to watch more youtube.

7. I will try as hard as I can to create a couple (maybe just one to start) of regular weekly segments for Crudely. I have an idea for a cartoon called Mr. Ding. It's about nothing that's just entered your mind.

8. I'll try my absolute bestest to create cool shit. My figure drawings will be more stimulating (model-permitting). My ink doodles will be more refined (I reckon). I will use more colour. I'll put in more process. I'll create more laughs. I'll create more cries. I'll do my best to always be honest and truthful in my approach to creating shit. I'll also try to enjoy myself while all this is going down...

Happy new year :P