More figure drawing

It seems all I ever draw now is women once a week. Drew a belly dancer this week. She had great form. The accessories also made a change...

3 min: Was feeling good:

25 min: One of my favourites to date:

30 min: Not bad:

30 min: A bit awkward. I was avoiding the weird angle of the head:

The last angle wasn't worth drawing, so I left early. What good is a belly dancer lying down anyway?

Thursday figure drawing


Only two warm-ups because I was late for class this week. Mugg & Bean (won't say which one) were slow on my order. And they buggered it. Every week I go in there and order the same thing: Americano with cold milk and one sugar, a Cappuccino with one sugar for the old lady that runs the class, and a lemon poppyseed muffin (which strangely seem to be getting smaller each time they go up in price) to take away. I always make them write it down. It's never right. I think it's because they don't reckon it's their job to add the milk and sugar. That's supposed to be my job. Fuck that shit. I'm in a hurry.

3 min...

25 min each:

Wasn't my best. Thanks Mugg!


There's a first (and a last) time for everything.

Goddammit, I'm running seriously short of content lately. Music is consuming most of my spare time. Drawing is taking a back seat. These things happen I guess. I do still need to find some shit to post tho...

I created this portrait of Christopher Walken back in college. Two weeks of stippling with 0.5 and 0.25 mm technical pens on A3ish Crescent board. Something I'll probably never bring myself to do again.

Closer to actual size:

Almost killed me.

Thursday figures

Big girls are great to draw.

3min warmups

45 min slow

30 min

30 min

Still trying to deal with my ginormonogginophobia.

It's a small world after all

Chronic seed

Coarse carpet


Chronic bud

Ex-small flying bug...

All taken with my happy snappy Nikon Coolpix through a magnifying glass. Cropped for effect with some levelling here and there...