Waxing a moon

That quiet moment right before the scream:

Another RAW Sessions with Sony Ericsson character identity. More next week...


Great cleavage...

Butcher with a fetish for typography:


A bit sinewy?

Another RAW Sessions with Sony Ericsson character identity. More next week...


Colours are my friends?

Broke out my colour pastels on two models this week. And a drop of politics in the drawing class: Two regulars didn't show because they weren't keen to draw the one girl. The other girl was organised for those two regulars, but they still didn't pitch. The funny part (for me anyway) is that those regulars have an issue the same girl that I swore I'd never draw again. Anyway, I drew her again, but this time I skewed and jaundiced her right eye. Not on purpose!

Orange, yellow and blue Conte pastel pencils:

(Those nipples were really an awkward shade.)


Some strategic cropping:

Colours are my friends.


Taking the piss

Busker gets shock therapy from dog who knows better:

He was quick to retreat.

Another RAW Sessions with Sony Ericsson character identity. More next week...


Thursday... go figure.

Yesterday I popped into Herbert Evans, who are currently holding their annual sale. I spent some birthday vouchers on paper and a few Conte colour pastels. Trying to slowly expand myself. Slowly.

Best of 3 min: (Got cracking with the lime...)
30 min: (Freaked out and went back to mono)
25 min: (Ventured into blue, but kept it mono)
20 min: (Back to black & white...)
There will be other weeks, filled with other colours. But the sale will end soon.


Off her rocker!

I recently worked on a project with Iris London for Sony Ericsson RAW Sessions. I had to create 12 character identities to be animated into various stings for the sort of rock-band-competition-type-reality-show thing in the UK. Over the coming weeks I'll be posting the characters individually, with random titles, in an attempt to break the monotony of solemn-looking semi-naked pastelised female forms without actually creating anything new. I will, however, amongst the posting of these characters and the weekly nudes, attempt to create something new.

We open with Possessed-by-Youth Granny:


There's a bit more info on the Iris blog.

Once I get hold of the final videos I'll post the whole project on my website.


Mostly faces

It's my birthday today. The day that spawned Alfred Lord Tennyson, Andy Warhol, and funnily enough, the Internet. The day that annihilated Hiroshima, the oldest tree Prometheus, and, I was relatively pleased to wiki, at least 5 popes and saints throughout the course of history. Happy Hallelujah! Today rocks.

3 min pastels:

30 min pastel pencils:

One of these days I swear I'm going to post something other than figure drawing.


Figure drawing...

After about three weeks of awkward silence, here's some two-week-old figure drawing. So much for my new year's resolution.

3 min black and grey chalk pastels (A2)
Black and white pastel pencils (cropped from A2) 25 min

Black and white pastel pencils (cropped from A2) 30 min

Black and white pastel pencils (cropped from A2) 20 min

Must... gain... some... sense... of... consistency...