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Thursday figures

Today I finally made use of my Canson light and dark grey sheets. Inspired by my life drawing hero James Jean, I was looking to use the black and white pastel on newsprint, but my local art shop is perpetually out of stock. So I got the cheap Canson (Vivaldi, 120gsm) instead. Also, my camera is quite shite, so these were levelled in Ps for more accuracy.

3 minute warm ups on plain white A2 120gsm...

20 minutes (Light grey)

30 min (Dark grey)

20 minutes (Light grey)

30 minutes (Dark grey)

This angle is always a biaatch.

More canvas WIP.

Who knows where this is going?


Thursday figure drawing

3 min warm-ups...

20-30 min each...

All pastels on A2. I'm quite liking the pastels. It feels like I've done more in the same amount of time. It could be the depth of the black giving sharper contrast and the use of the light grey. I love the light grey. Never thought I could love light grey, but I do. I don't love awkwardly small heads - they're incidental. I have this fear that I'll draw the head too big, and the whole figure will look ridiculous. Ginormonogginophobia. It's not very common.


Canvas WIP

A corner of a 24" square canvas I'm busy with.


Figure drawing

Hmmm. 20-30 min each. So slow.

A bit awkward on the distortion there...