Thursday morning's figure drawing session... H and 4B in A4 Moleskine... Not the best session. Omitted a few. I get a bit thrown off by two people. Especially when they're so enthusiastic as this pair. I think they practice at home.
3 min:


30 min:

Can you believe I have to work now?



Mogwai started a monthly podcast last week. Some wicked tracks on there from Four Tet, Fuck Buttons and Errors. Check it out.

And here's a track from Laura I found that there's not much chance you'll have heard before:


Mandalas don't have to be round.

Picked up a calculation pad, a set of Artline 200's and a book on Jung last night...

Happy valentine's day :P


Figure drawing

Back to figure drawing this morning. Been lazy with the media. Still just the H and 4B in an A4 moleskine...

3 min:

25 min:

30 min:

20 min:

Back to work. It never stops.


R.I.P. Uncle Phil

I thought we'd go all the way to sign-off together, but all you ever met was your maker. So enthused to gather the innocent, meandering minds of new Big Brand employees and focus their glassy eyes on the world of cellular salesmanship, you never saw coming the focus-group smiles and head-shine double-glances that would forebear your now-overplayed demise. It could have been the comb over. It could have been the tache. It could've been the underlying creepiness sadly precedes an old man that is just too damn happy. What could he hiding?

Wisdom... Not for mass consumption.



I can't wait to see this.

Interview with Stuart