Still life with clutter... finished

BBC Blast sting

I dug up this 40 second sting I was involved in last year for BBC Blast - a creative network for the British youth. It was done with a mix of still frame and Flash. I did all the Flash stuff...



I've found I like this idea. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Lion with slightly enlarged nose

Another prep sketch for a job that got canned.



The sun smells too loud

Mogwai, one of my all-time favourite bands, have a new album coming out called 'The Hawk is Howling' and they're giving away a track called 'The Sun Smells Too Loud' for a limited time only... Download it now - click on the eagle's eye - they can do no wrong.


Shortfalls of self-deception

Been watching too much 007...


Lynch mobs of the world

In the wake of recent news events I've been giving some thought to the lynch mob. The lynch mob is a perfect symbol of how a group of otherwise rational human beings can become stupidly barbaric by the mere effect of each other's company.
Then I imagined a lynch mob of actual mobsters...
...a lynch mob of priests...
..and finally a group of disgruntled mimes.

I'm thinking of doing a book called "Lynch Mobs of the World"


Wise words from simple people... No.3

A final excerpt of the profound Tao te Ching, as read by Tony, a born again charismatic knob head.


The church up my road No. 4 - Running low...

Not sure about this one... Just been dying to hang something from that streetlight in the background.