The awesomest bookshelf ever

I saw this bookshelf at a show during design week in London last year. It fuckin rules doesn't it?


A practical application of high school maths

I came up with this sort of 'hypothesis' recently, which basically proves that belief, by its very nature, not only can never be absolute truth, but will in fact always be a deviation from it.

No matter what the argument is, the more (even if purely perceived) knowledge we acquire about the subject, the less faith we need.

Even Father Fetish agrees.


The church up my road No. 1 - Truth decay

This is the first of what will become a collection of weird & non-sensical, yet bitterly ironic examples of how out-of-the-box the church folk in my neighbourhood can be when it comes to sharing their faith...

Stay tuned for more...


Stuck in the present

Who knows?



Can I call myself an illustrator yet?

Things are looking up. I recently acquired an agent, in the form of a company called Sparx Media in Cape Town. They're pretty much the illustration agency in the country! As I like to tell myself, progress is inevitable (with the obvious hard-work-and-dedication-type-shit).
Let's see how it goes...




Father Fetish - Who u kidding?

If this offends you, why not visit jesus-is-lord.com. Although the site's run by crazies too... Funny how much Christians can hate each other.



Beautiful plants of the Midlands

Skunky head

San Pedro