Best birthday ever!


Hope you all got what you wanted!

Far from an insult, this is an enlivening portrayal, celebrating the immense depth of the man that was (apparently) Jesus Christ. Bless his vast bowel.

If you're offended, you should probably calm down, then click here. and here. And here too.

Then pray for me. I like that. It gives me a tingly feeling.


Visualising the modes... Phrygian

Four weeks later, and one tone up from the Dorian, I finally bring you the the Phrygian, which is essentially a natural minor with a flat 2nd (orange):

Sometime in the near future I will bring the Lydian.

This is Africa time.


Last figure drawing of the year

Still haven't got back to the art shop, so it's H and 4B pencils in A4 Moleskine. Cropped in to show my somewhat sketchy (pun intended) line work.

Happy Holidays! Travel safe, and remember: Christmas is not really Christmas unless you've been slapped by a nun.


The vectorised nipple effect (a rehash).

Simple: Live trace old moleskine drawing. Offset path a few times. Scale offsets. Apply gradients fills and effects.
Digital print A0 and block-mount: Christmas presents for the family?