Go figure.

A few crops from this weeks class, nearly finished this A4 Moleskine, then I'll hit the pastels again. Pretty soon I may even blog something other than mediocre figure drawing ;)


Figure drawing & exhibition

The weekly class I attend is having an exhibition at Parkhurst Recreation Centre, one weekend only, opening on Friday 7 May. I'll have a few pastel and charcoal pieces up for sale (cheap!), and a couple of sketch books for the perusal of clean-fingered observers. Hope to see you there...

We had two slender models today - two one-hour drawings. I'm back in the sketchbook until I sort my shit out.

PS. Am very aware of the current blog neglect. I have stuff in the pipelines though. Get ready for an unleashing... Some day.


Yesterday's figures

I have not been drawing enough lately. Broke out the pastels yesterday and disappointed myself a bit. Grrr. It's been a slog of a week.

Better jack my shit up for the exhibition...


Ignoring Easter

Meant to post these up last week... 30 min each in A4 'skine. Levelled, hue and saturated.

Blog is feeling my neglect :( It'll pick up... just another wave.