Figures drawing

A frustrating session this week. Too much bullshit on my mind...

3 min warm ups (pastel)

30 min (pencil)

30 min (pastel)

25 min (pencil)


Figure drawing

My mind is tired.

3 min each

25 min

10 min

25 min

25 min (all on A2...)

Her face was quite masculine.

Drawn a blank.


Figure drawing

I had to leave the class early this week for work.
Just did the 3 mins...

And a half hour or so,


Uncle for a year

The twin nephews are turning one soon, so for their birthday I drew them this pic to be mounted at A1 on their bedroom wall.

My sister has a weird Peter Rabbit fascination, so I figured the less expression on the bunnies the better.

This is them at 7 months, Ryan on top, Mathew (not Matthew) bottom.

Lil terrors!


Singles club

Some work I been meaning to post up, following on from the Album artwork I created for New Academics last year.
The first single was called Fuzz...

The second, 4 a.m...

Thursday figure drawing

After a couple of weeks absence, I returned today to find the class a lot busier. Though I'm still pretty much the only person under 40, other than the belly dancer.

Charcoal and white pencils:

Then she lay down again and all I could see was her foot, so I left.


Drawing in public in secret.

On a recent visit to the airport, while sitting at Fourno's waiting for my flight, I dared to wop out my ballpoint pen and small A6 moleskine sketchbook. I carry them around in hope that I'll put them to use in these situations, but rarely work up the nerve.

These aren't wonderful, but they're a testament of some progressive inner struggle.

These two really did look miffed.

I think he saw me.

Hopefully if I just keep at it, eventually I'll feel a lot more comfortable wopping it out in public.