I've been getting into documentaries lately

Been down with a virus this week. It hit me hard. Almost as hard as the Obama Deception. But this docky brings the long and tragic War on drugs into wide-angle perspective.

Why Harry J Anslinger? Why did you have to be such an asshole? Nevermind the DEA...


Don't feed the trolls

The exhibition...

Last weekend we held this exhibition for the drawing class. It was an interesting experience. We didn't sell much. Many were charging too much I think. Thanks to my family and friends I managed to get rid of a few. Below was the corner of the hall I occupied, followed by a few of my favourite pieces from the show.

Lindsay - A2 - Ink.
June - A1 - Ink & bleach.
Margie - A2 - Pencil.
Berenice - A2 - Pastel.
Jonna - A1 - Acrylic. I bought this one above. I cropped it funny.
Claire - A4 - Ink.


The real Almighty

This is a crop of a hi-res image of the sun taken by NASA's new Solar Dynamics Observatory. They're taking videos of the sun at some ridiculous resolution, showing insane detail. You can watch snippets. Maybe one day we can watch the sun live on big screen. Like fake fireplaces, and fish-tanks, only the sun in realtime. Awesome.
Way more awesome than Jesus...

Saturday at Belavista Lounge