Jesus' birthday wish...



Nothing to do with Christmas

Just an inky doodle. Or at least a scan of one.



I love that angle.


Last figure drawing class of the year

I guess I'll be having to search for some volunteers to draw til next year...

3 min each

25 min
25 min
20 minStretched the thighs a bit there...



These are a couple of scans of a canvas I've been fucking around with. It's all a mix of different coloured inks, with marker and tippex drawn into it...


Figure drawing

2nd last class of the year. What will I do without my weekly dose?

They always get a little tired by the end.


Back to the drawing board

I recently decided to save my back from impending doom by investing in this portable drawing board from Orchard. The shipping cost almost as much as the board, but well worth it...


Figure drawing

I went back today after missing a couple of weeks. The top one is was the only one worth posting from 3 weeks ago, and the bottom two this morning. All about 30 min.

I didn't really enjoy drawing this girl. She almost gives off a vibe like she doesn't want to be drawn. It's weird. Anyway, I finished this Moleskine and left early.


Crudely chiseled canvas

This is a birthday present I recently created for a friend...
Black permanent marker 20"x 24" canvas

A strip of detail, roughly actual size...

Happy (now belated) B-day Rosie ;)



This is a t-shirt I recently illustrated for my friend Bradley for the brand Love Jozi. Below are a couple of progressions we left behind..

This above was the more original shape - I transformed it in photoshop a few times to give it more bulk...

I liked this bottom one... BEWARE OF THE DOGMA!




Amateur festival fire dancing

Just a few holiday snaps I dug up...





This is a quickish job I did last weekend for a friend of mine's company end-of-year function...


Figure drawing

Feels like all I ever do any more...

30 min30 min20 min


His and hers faith-inspired t-shirts:

Thank God for the rational among us.



The Poisonwood Bible

I recently finished reading a very profound novel called The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. It's written from the perspective of the wife and four daughters of a fanatical southern baptist preacher who drags them into the heart of the Congo, just before the so-called Congolese "Independence", to try to convert the savages and save their souls, only to find that it's a completely fruitless exercise in the context of the Congolese world (as in many...). The book makes many statements about the absurdity of dogmatic beliefs.

Anyways, here's a small excerpt I hope she won't mind me sharing - The simple realisation of one of the daughters in the book (who happens to be a cripple twin):

"According to my Baptist Sunday-school teachers, a child is denied entrance into heaven merely for being born in the Congo rather than, say, north Georgia, where she could attend church regularly. This was the sticking point in my own lame march to salvation: admission to heaven is gained by the luck of the draw. At age five I raised my good left hand in Sunday school and used a month's ration of words to point out this problem to Miss Betty Nagy. Getting born within earshot of a preacher, I reasoned, is entirely up to chance. Would Our Lord be such a hit-or-miss kind of Saviour as that? Would he really condemn some children to eternal suffering just for the accident of a heathen birth, and reward others for a privilege they did not earn?"

Great question - would love a Christian perspective on this one...


Vector stuff

Just some recent work to fill the gaps. This job was a bit awkward. Apparently the client, a tampon manufacturer, didn't really want any penises working on the job. So this is all I got in before being snuffed.

Laughing rodent:


Figure drawing...

I've been neglecting the blog this week a bit - at least i have work as an excuse.

This wasn't my best class either... Grrr.

30 minutes each: