Professional | confessional

After a severe internal struggle (you'll see why), I've finally finished my portfolio site! I built it for free on Google Sites. The only thing I paid for was the domain name. It's very basic in format, but I gave it a slight twist...

Check it out at www.professionalconfessional.com

It's basically about adding an element of truth to an otherwise propaganda-riddled presentation.

Constructive criticism / feedback welcome and appreciated... It's kinda tough when you're the only guy on the team.

Crudely chiseled views of South Africa

These are some pics I took earlier this year in Natal.

It's always nice to capture that human element in a panarama.

Champagne Sports golf course

Sterkfontein Dam


Figure drawing

The weeks go by so fast.

4 x 3min
4 x 30min:



Thursday figure drawing

4 x 3 min:

30 min each:

Not my best work...


Some recent work

These are a few snapshots from a job I just completed...

A giant routemap:

And accompanying storyboard:

I do pity the married.


Thursday figure drawing

Too much work this week...

This is the same model I drew in the first week...

3 min each (x4)

30 min each

Why do I feel like they got progressively worse? This last one looks like she's wearing a rubber suit or something...



Thursday figure drawing

My 2nd week of figure drawing in Parkhurst, and one of the most beautiful women I've ever had the privilege of drawing. I hope I did her some justice...
1 hr