I started sketching my kitten while she eats. This was the first worth posting. About 2 minutes tops as she chomps away, taking a break to throw me a skeef now and then. Her name is Kitty Miu, but pretty soon she'll just be Miu. She sleeps a lot, when she's not tearing up the Hennings' old lounge suite. Melts my heart...


Figure drawings from thursday

Last week one of the regular models brought in her (small, bronze, waxed and chiseled) beau. Apparently they had been practising the poses in a not-so-giant mirror somewhere, as they didn't want to be caught fumbling around up there on the day. I laughed quietly at his tangas. I also muttered 'Get a room' once. Not without reason I'm sure.

3 min pastels:

Still experimenting with the hard colour pastels on A2 colour paper.

30 min or so each:

This looks awkward. He kept moving his hand.

No likeness whatsoever.

Playing more with complementary colours here. I quite like where it's going.

Happy Sunday. I must work now, like a good heathen should.



Small invertebrate walks past stray headphone (not in shot). Goes haywire.

Who knows?

Another RAW Sessions with Sony Ericsson character identity. More coming soon...


Figure drawing

Ran out of fancy coloured paper last week, so back to white for today. Still braving the colour pastels...

3 min each:

25-30 min each:

Left early for an appointment at the orthofuckindontist. Yip, looks like I'm getting tracks!


Figure drawing

Did quickies of other attendees this morning because the model was late. All sucked...

Top 3 out of 4, chalk pastels on A2, 20-25 min each:

Happy Friday!

Take a hint.

Timid geek vomits lasers on loud hoodie freak.

Only the quieter bits remain...

Another RAW Sessions with Sony Ericsson character identity. More next week...


Figure drawing for a year

As mentioned in a recent post, it's been a year since I started indulging in these weekly figure drawing classes that so clog the crudely chiseled aorta of this quasi-art-feed of mine. Wow. Anyway, I thought I'd post up some of the highlights. Oldest down to latest. What is progress again?

All the newer stuff is still on the wall, so I'll spare too much repitition.

May there be at least a few more (years I mean)...

There were days when cables lay calmly on coarse carpets.

Now they explode from punctured alleyways and rise like smoke through dirty city streets.


Figures in spring

This week marks a year of attending Thursday morning figure drawing classes in Parkhurst. It's been fun! In a somewhat unconventional sense.

Conte Colour pastel pencils, 25-30 min each:

I had to leave early for work. And the last pose was crap.

Happy friday!