Going green

A little while back my friend Wadge tipped over a pot of soil that had once been a plant, but was now an ashtray. He was fumbling around trying to get out of the hammock, in a somewhat wasted state, and pulled it down all over the floor. Give him a break, it was a friday night after a long week. and he was good enough to clean it up the next day...

The act was largely forgotten, until a couple of weeks later a small sprout merged from the soil. We figured there was a good chance it would be mary of sorts, so warmed to it and took delight in watching it develop into a small plant. Then one day my flatmate Tim and I were chatting and we decided it was time to re-pot the pot. Give it a more formal space. No, it wouldn't have flowered, being a bit late in the season, but it was cute.

Anyway, long story short, my cat Miu chewed it down to virtually nothing in the time it took us to try find a spade. I was mad. She got a hiding. Days later the bugger was back in the game, but Miu has been pruning her every time a new leaf forms. I had to let go. It's now back to ashtrayville. The weed keeps going...

Moral of the story? Life can actually be created by some stoned and drunken bastard fumbling his way out of a hammock. Yes, and then pretty much destroyed by a hungry pussy.


You should keep that in mind

Great track, cool vid...


Still life with comfort zone

A few reasons why I haven't been drawing (or socialising, or blogging, or speaking) enough lately.
What peace can be found
between each click
of a metronome.



Great waves

Dirty Three is a great Oz band. They're mostly instrumental, but this song with Chan Marshall (mmmmm) is on a whole other level.

Pure wizardry.