Tower bridge

Another few pics I took sometime last year...


Tiny city

I drew this under one of those eye glasses for checking print dot screen.


What do you see?

Amazing: The mind's tendency to see faces where there are no faces.


Gotta love the bible...

"When a slave-owner strikes a male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies immediately, the owner shall be punished. But if the slave survives for a day or two, there is no punishment; for the slave is the owner’s property."

Exodus 21:20-21


Happy Easter!

If you find this offensive, you should visit whywontgodhealamputees.com



My old hood

Some pics I took and stitched together of Hoxton Square, musta been January 2007...



Crudely chiseled featured on JHB live

Check it out

Look what I dug up

I created these about 2 or 3 years ago for an old interactive flash porti. This top one rotated so u could scroll around the room and click on shit.
The one below I gave up on after spending what felt like years just programming a nice smooth scroll through. I mostly leave flash to the experts now.

They both enlarge...


Steven Seagull is...

I watched 'Hard to Kill' Sunday on SABC 1... Who saw this coming?


Ribs on a burger?

I made this promo poster last week for a client. I was given the line (apparently written by a member of Desmond and the Tutus, he he), I had to come up with a visual. It still needed refinement. My client bought it, unfortunately their client didn't. Coming soon: The one that made it to print.


Limited elements... unlimited compositions

I made these for a job that was limited in time and budget. So I created the initial pic, and made extra layouts using the same elements.

Then (below),chuck in some sunrays and elongated shadows, and presto, it's a beautiful morning.



My sister Cath is el preggos with twins. I'm guessing that's what inspired this...