My website is up.

Been neglecting the blog the last few weeks, but hey, I've been working, not to mention those fucking documentaries(!), and my multi-tasking abilities are severely stunted. I also had a slight drama at the drawing class, bolted at tea, and haven't been back in 2 weeks. I'm no good in the morning. And now it's winter...

The good news is I've updated my portfolio, and finally made that gleeful transition out of the freebie realms of Google to a personal domain space at crudely.co.za. I have 100 free email addresses. I'mnottoosurewhattodowiththemall@crudely.co.za?

PS. I swore I wouldn't go there, but good luck Bafana Bafana for the Fiendish Illicit Fucking Assholes World Cup 2010!

PPS. Since I'm going there, good luck to the people of the USA for your revolution against the Police State your saviour Obama is busy selling you down the river toward. Arrest those thieving bankers!