Visualising the modes... Dorian

So I pried myself away from the B-string just long enough to bring you the Dorian mode. The Dorian represents a minor scale with a regular 6th interval.

You can see in this visual of the wave forms, compared to the previous Ionian/major scale, that the 3rd (yellow) and 7th (crimson) intervals are a semi-tone flatter, or at least dotted. The 6th (violet) is the same.

If you played all the white notes on a hypothetical piano in your mind, using D as your root, this is (in some strange sense) what you'd play:

If you move up the white keys and root on the E, you'll be in the Phrygian mode, pronounced much like the offspring of a fridge and a pigeon. Until then...

Happy Friday! I love the rain :) And Other Truths is arriving today. Tears of joy.